Trending: Healthy Hair


As a cosmetologist who specializes in trichology (the study of scalp and hair), I am asked to fix all kinds of hair mishaps, create some cool styles and concoct some vibrant hair color. But (there is always a but), of all the request I get; none tops the request of “healthy” hair.


Before I service any client, they have to sit, read and complete a two page questionnaire about the goal they have for their hair. I want to know how have they been caring for it, what have they been caring for it with and what is it they like or dislike about their hair, a hair stylist and their salon experience. I spend at least 15 minutes listening to my potential client before i even touch their hair. I have read thousands of those consultation forms over the years and have listened to thousands of hair stories. Out of those thousands, I would say 95% of them pretty much conclude, they want “healthy” hair.


I have always found the request of “healthy” from a cosmetologist thee absolute most interesting request of them all. I even find it more interesting that when I tell them I specialize in trichology, they ask if that translates into me specializing in “healthy” hair. I always respond, no. Considering this is my very first Blog Ndogo, I am going to keep it short and get straight to the point.


Healthy hair is most definitely trending in the world of hair care, however, if you really want healthy hair, the salon is the last place to get it. “Awe man, what; say it ain’t so!” Yeah, I know. The only thing in a salon that can contribute to you getting healthy hair and the the health of it, is the water you drink and the toilet! Funny, isn’t it? Hair care products, styling tools and hair stylists (even those who specialize in trichology and healthy hair) can not make your hair healthy no more than 2% can make milk healthy. It sounds good in theory, but not in practice.


If healthy hair is what you are really after, I suggest you schedule your next appointment with a Registered Dietitian (not a Nutritionist) or a Wholistic Practitioner; NOT a hair stylist. There is not a state board or school anywhere in the United States of America or any where in the world for that matter who licenses and teaches a hair stylist anything credible about health and hair. One does not need to be a dietitian or a wholistic practitioner to know and promote the correlation between healthy hair and a sound diet; however if you are sincere about having healthy hair, I beg of you to make it your business to schedule you next appointment with a dietitian or wholistic practitoner. In the mean time I encourage you (as I encourage every client I see) to eat a balanced diet, drink lots of water, exercise, get some sleep, think positive and be sure to boo boo until you get a chance to see one!


Cosmetologists, hair stylists, hair care products, styling tools do not and can not make hair healthy. All we really can do is make it feel and look good!


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